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At Gunn Law Group, we understand that criminal law and family law are two of the most crucial areas of legal practice. Individuals facing criminal charges, such as Impaired Driving (DUI) or drug-related offenses, risk not only their reputation but also their livelihood and freedom. Those navigating divorce proceedings face the potential loss of their homes, custody of their children, and financial stability. In these challenging times, you need experienced criminal lawyers and family lawyers by your side.

With a legacy spanning over 40 years, Gunn Law Group is committed to safeguarding what matters most to you. Our knowledgeable and skilled team of criminal lawyers and family lawyers is dedicated to providing the legal support and guidance you need. We have the expertise, sensitivity, and diligence required to protect your rights and interests.

What My Husband Bought Me For Christmas

Christmas is over but some gifts keep on giving. Last Christmas, I asked my husband for an important gift. I wanted a dash cam for my vehicle. If you have listened to our podcast entitled, “Why SafeRoads Does Not Make Me Feel Safe,” you might be able to guess why.

If a person is stopped by a police officer, especially if it is in RCMP territory, chances are that there is an audio and video recording going on the whole time. Many of our clients often express their desire to review the video evidence in their case, as they believe it could substantiate key aspects such as: instances of potential police misconduct, challenges in providing a breath sample, discrepancies between recorded results and officer reports, and many more occurrences that we see everyday…

To learn more about the critical role of dash cams in DUI cases and how they could potentially impact your legal defense, click below to read the full story..

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Edmonton Impaired Driving and DUI Lawyers

Impaired Driving (DUI)

Gunn Law Group has a history of landmark cases that have significantly influenced Impaired Driving (DUI) law in Alberta. DUI cases are highly technical and require an experienced impaired driving lawyer who comprehends the intricacies of breath testing and the specific legal nuances involved.

Edmonton Criminal Lawyer


With over four decades of experience in criminal law, Gunn Law Group is your trusted partner when you need legal representation. Each client who retains a criminal lawyer or student in our firm is also assigned a dedicated case manager. This collaborative approach ensures that our clients receive comprehensive and personalized care throughout their legal journey.

Edmonton Family Lawyers


Gunn Law Group is proud to introduce a collaborative family law service. We understand that traditional court proceedings may not always be the best approach for family-related matters like divorce. Collaborative Divorce and other collaborative family law services offer cost-effective solutions and allow for more flexible outcomes that prioritize your family’s well-being.

Edmonton Mediation Lawyer


In certain cases, going to trial may not be the optimal strategy. Mediation focuses on the process, not just the matter at hand. Whether you’re dealing with employment disputes, contractual issues, or family law matters, choosing the right mediator can make all the difference in achieving a fair resolution.

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