There are new concerns about drug impaired driving with the legalization of marijuana. However, drug impaired driving is not limited to marijuana and can apply to any drug, illegal or legal, that impairs your ability to drive.

While driving while impaired by drug, alcohol or a combination of alcohol and a drug has been an offence for a long time, what is new are the means which Parliament has put at officers’ disposal to investigate these types of cases. There is now a roadside screening device aimed at detecting cannabis use through saliva. Apart from the fact that most police detachments have few or none of these devices, there are a myriad of problems associated with both the testing and the results one may get with these roadside testers.

The law surrounding drug impaired driving is technical and complex. These cases nearly always hinge on the testimony of various experts. Drug Recognition Experts (known more commonly as DREs) are officers who have received training in detecting and identifying drug impairment in drivers. Standard Field Sobriety Tests (known generally as SFSTs) are basically a series of physical sobriety tests aimed at determining if a person is impaired.

If you were arrested for impairment by a drug, you likely have all sorts of questions. You need someone who has the answers. You may not know if you have a legal defence until you receive an informed legal opinion from an experienced criminal lawyer with drug impaired driving case experience.

The lawyers at Gunn Law are knowledgeable and experienced in the litigation of drug impaired driving. Some of our lawyers have specific training in drug recognition. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have, visit our Impaired Driving FAQS or Contact Us and we can help you safely navigate your way through the justice system.

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