Since 1975, Gunn Law Group has been at the forefront of legal advocacy in Edmonton. Our dedicated team of lawyers has built a reputation for tenacity and innovation, particularly in impaired driving (DUI) law. Over the years, we’ve spearheaded groundbreaking legal arguments that have shaped Canada’s legal landscape, not only in impaired driving but also in other criminal offenses, including murder, aggravated assault, forgery, and theft.

Expertise in Impaired Driving Law

Gunn Law Group specializes in providing a vigorous defense for individuals facing alcohol-related driving offenses. Our impaired driving lawyers are highly skilled in cross-examination and trial preparation, ensuring effective representation in the courtroom. Beyond impaired driving cases, our expertise extends to a wide range of criminal defense matters, leveraging the experience gained from our specialized focus.

Compassionate Family Law Representation

In addition to criminal defense, Gunn Law Group is committed to providing compassionate representation in family law matters. We understand that family law cases require sensitivity and skill, particularly in matters of separation, divorce, spousal and child support, and asset division. Our approach emphasizes collaboration whenever possible, but we are prepared to advocate zealously for our clients in court when necessary.

Specialization in Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce offers a constructive alternative to traditional litigation, allowing couples to resolve disputes amicably with the assistance of trained professionals. Gunn Law Group offers specialized expertise in collaborative divorce, guiding clients through the process with care and expertise. However, if litigation becomes inevitable, our experienced lawyers are prepared to represent our clients’ interests effectively in court.

Dedicated DUI Lawyers

For individuals facing DUI charges in Edmonton, our dedicated DUI lawyers provide comprehensive legal representation and strategic defense strategies. We understand the serious consequences of impaired driving charges and work tirelessly to protect our clients’ rights and interests throughout the legal process.

Supportive Mediation Services

At Gunn Law Group, we recognize the value of alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation. Our skilled lawyers offer mediation services tailored to the unique needs of each client, facilitating constructive dialogue and helping parties reach mutually beneficial resolutions outside of court.

Inclusive Legal Representation

Gunn Law Group is committed to providing inclusive legal representation to all members of the community, including the LGBTQIA+ community. We understand the unique legal challenges faced by diverse individuals and are dedicated to ensuring equal access to justice for all.

Experience the Gunn Law Difference

At Gunn Law Group, no two cases are treated alike, and each client receives personalized attention and dedicated advocacy. Whether you’re facing criminal charges, navigating a family law dispute, or seeking mediation services, we’re here to provide compassionate support and strategic legal guidance every step of the way.

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