Since 1975, the lawyers at Gunn Law Group have been pioneers in the area of impaired driving (DUI) law. Time and again, our lawyers have come up with innovative and new arguments which have shaped the contemporary legal landscape in Canada. These cover impaired driving law, but also other criminal offences such as murder, aggravated assault, forgery, theft, etc.

Gunn Law Group accepts criminal and family cases among others. We are known for our vigorous defence of those charged with alcohol-related driving offences. This is a highly specialized area of the law. The skills in cross-examination and trial preparation which our impaired driving lawyers have acquired through impaired driving cases have made us effective advocates in the past for those charged with other criminal offences.

Family law cases, on the other hand, usually benefit from a more collaborative approach. Separation and divorce, spousal and child support, property and asset divisions are all issues that require sensitivity and skill on the part of the lawyer handling the file. We will ensure that you and your family are treated respectfully while we work towards a better future for all of you. If the collaborative divorce approach is not right for your circumstances, we have lawyers who are ready to take your case to court when needed.

If you are looking for mediation services, Gunn Law Group has lawyers who have the sensitivity, skills and training to assist you in resolving your issues.

Just as no two files are the same, Gunn Law Group recognizes that no two clients are the same either. We welcome the opportunity to assist members of the LGBTQIA+ community with their legal needs in the areas of criminal law, family law, and mediation.

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