Gunn Law Group’s Edmonton family lawyers specialize in a range of family law services. Whether facing divorce, separation, or navigating common-law complexities, our team offers expert guidance. Our approach emphasizes collaborative family law, focusing on amicable, child-centered resolutions, especially in divorce and parenting matters.

Our skilled divorce and separation attorneys provide comprehensive support, from property division to crafting parenting agreements. We understand the unique challenges of each family situation, offering tailored advice for both married and common-law couples. Our child custody lawyers in Edmonton are dedicated to solutions that prioritize your children’s best interests.

For those seeking alternatives to court proceedings, our family dispute resolution services offer mediated solutions that respect everyone’s needs. We also provide specialized legal help for common-law separation, ensuring you understand your rights and responsibilities.

At Gunn Law Group, we are committed to guiding you through these challenging times with empathy and expertise. Contact us for a family law consultation in Edmonton, where our experienced team will help you navigate your legal journey with confidence.

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We are proud to offer legal services for Collaborative Divorce, Divorce and Separation, Relationship Agreements, Custody and Parenting, Support and Maintenance and Property Division. Our Collaborative Family Law services save you money and allow for more flexible outcomes. Although we will travel anywhere in the country for criminal matters, our family law practice is restricted to Alberta.

Mediation is another popular option for clients who are close to resolving their own issues but who may need a bit of help on a few points. Our trained mediators are neutral, third-party lawyers who assist you and the other party in coming up with your own solutions to your family law issues. If you wish to look into mediation services we encourage you and your partner to book an appointment to see one of our lawyers together.

As our family lawyers believe strongly that a courtroom is not the best forum for resolving family law disputes, we take very few litigation files. We encourage you to contact our office to set up a consultation with one of our lawyers. We will listen and discuss various options with you to see if we could be a good fit for your situation. We are committed to helping you resolve your family law issues such as child support, parenting planification, spousal support, and property division in the most efficient and compassionate way possible. Contact Us to learn more about your Family Law options.

Gunn Law Group is sensitive to the unique needs of the LGBTQIA+ community and those pursuing alternative lifestyles and relationships. We have several Edmonton family lawyers well-versed in LGBTQIA+ issues who understand that relationships can be expressed in a myriad of different shapes, colours, and expressions.

Gunn Law Group’s experienced legal team are here to help with your legal needs.

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