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At Gunn Law Group, our team of legal professionals is committed to providing comprehensive legal services to individuals from all walks of life, including those in the LGBTQIA community and those with alternative lifestyles. Our diverse team are here to address your legal needs with a deep understanding of your unique circumstances.

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Peter Bruce Gunn’s legacy in the field of criminal law is profound. Hailing from a long line of esteemed lawyers, all Dalhousie Law School graduates, his commitment to justice left an indelible mark. Beginning his criminal defense practice in Edmonton, Alberta in 1972, Bruce quickly gained a reputation as an assertive and resourceful advocate.

Throughout the 1980s, he demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for impaired driving cases. His deep understanding of the scientific aspects of breath testing and inventive defense strategies set new standards. Shannon Gunn Emery, Bruce’s daughter, continues his legacy.

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Shannon Gunn Emery, following in her father’s footsteps, embarked on her legal journey by articling under the tutelage of Peter Bruce Gunn. Admitted to the Alberta bar in 2002, Shannon thrived in the realm of criminal law, particularly in impaired driving and DUI cases. Her dedication has taken her to the Supreme Court of Canada on numerous occasions, highlighting her expertise in impaired driving litigation.

Shannon’s training on various Intoxilyzer models, along with her proficiency in drug recognition for drug-impaired driving, makes her a formidable legal advocate. Her recent passion for Collaborative Family Law showcases her commitment to peaceful resolutions in family disputes.


  • 2002 – Present – Alberta
  • 2008 – Present – Northwest Territories
  • 2012 – 2023 – Yukon


  • 2013-2015 – President of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association
  • 2022 – present – Co-Chair of the Association of Collaborative Family Professionals (Edmonton)


  • Fluently bilingual in English and French – Shannon regularly represents clients in either official language of Canada.
  • Still learning Hindi and Spanish


  • Al Shumiatcher Prize
  • Gordon Wright QC Memorial Award
  • Peter Bruce Gunn Junior Barrister Award


  • Criminal Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Collaborative Family Law
Gunn Law Edmonton


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A graduate of the University of Alberta Law School in 2013, Adam Klassen brings a wealth of legal experience to Gunn Law Group. His involvement with Student Legal Services and his role as a Coordinator for the Criminal Law Project during law school exemplify his dedication to justice.

Since his admission to the bar in 2014, Adam has excelled in criminal law and administrative hearings, particularly in appealing driving suspensions. His background in Chemical Biology adds a unique perspective to his approach, allowing him to delve into scientific issues affecting the criminal justice system.


  • BSC (2006) Thompson Rivers University
  • JD (2013) University of Alberta
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Justine Fallu’s legal journey began at the University of Alberta Law School, where she co-founded the Francophone Law Students’ Association and participated in the Michel-Bastarache moot. Admitted to the bar in 2020, Justine is a versatile legal professional.

With her Collaborative Family Law designation obtained in 2022, Justine is equipped to serve as both a mediator and a Collaborative Family lawyer. Her commitment to collaborative resolutions aligns with her belief in tailoring methods to meet her clients’ unique needs.


  • B.A. (2016) McGill University
  • J.D. (2019) University of Alberta
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Barbara Dowker’s diverse background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with Honours and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Alberta. Her involvement with Student Legal Services and her role as a Research Assistant with publications in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation underscore her dedication to the legal field.

Before her legal career, Barbara worked in social work, assisting clients in transitioning to better situations within the community. Barbara joined Gunn Law Group in 2023, eager to represent clients in both criminal law and family law matters.

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Contact Brendan

Brendan Thompson, a recent graduate from the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Law with a Certification in French Common Law, brings fresh perspectives to Gunn Law Group. His dedication to serving marginalized groups in the justice system shines through his volunteer work with organizations like the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and CREATE Justice.

Brendan’s commitment to helping clients navigate the legal system extends to both family and criminal law cases. As a valuable addition to our team, Brendan is poised to make a positive impact on his clients’ legal journeys.


  • BA (2011) University of Alberta
  • JD (2022) University of Saskatchewan


  • English
  • French (français)
  • Russian (русский)


Gunn Law Group is not hiring any students at the moment.



Pam was originally from southwestern Ontario and joined our firm in 1994. While unofficially occupying the role for many years, she officially became the Office Administrator of Gunn Law Group in 2008. Pam is the person with whom you will probably speak when you call the office the first time. You can ask Pam or your case manager about disclosure requests, and the status of your file.  If you are calling to make a payment, Pam can assist you with this as well, and direct your call to whomever you need to speak with.


Daryl grew up in Langley, British Columbia, back when it was still a small town but close enough to commute to Vancouver. She moved to Edmonton in 2004 to pursue further career opportunities, and never left. Daryl, who is bilingual in French and English, joined the team at Gunn Law Group in July, 2021. When she’s not working, she volunteers her time with animal rescue, and is training for her next marathon (actual running, not Netflix). Daryl is Shannon and Adam’s case manager.


Stefanie grew up just north of Montréal, Quebec, and moved to Alberta in May, 2015. She joined our firm in 2017 as a legal assistant, but has also been working as the firm’s bookkeeper since 2023. Stefanie is completely bilingual in French and English, and is the case manager for Justine and Brendan. If you have questions about your account you can ask Stefanie for clarification.


Quinn is our newest Case Manager. She was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Quinn joined the firm in 2023 and works primarily with Barbara. In her free time, you can find Quinn climbing and cycling.


Si vous voulez communiquer avec notre bureau en français, nous vous prions de vous adresser à Stefanie ou Daryl. Elles peuvent vous donner de l’information préliminaire à propos de notre bureau et vous diriger vers un avocat qui vous assistera en français.

Current Canine Squad

Yasha Canine legal team - Gunn Law


After Jenny officially retired, Yasha, the golden Labrador retriever, took over. Hailing from New York, she is a savvy dog who is dignified and shows grace while under pressure. When she is working, there is not a more serious, focused dog. When she decides to let loose, however, she and Jenny (who still comes to visit on occasion) give a new meaning to the word “mayhem”.

Mazikeen Canine legal team - Gunn Law


Mazikeen is a Pomsky who is definitely more Husky than Pomeranian. She is enthusiastic, sweet-tempered and not a little nutty. She is an ad hoc member of the squad since she is only called in to work occasionally.

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The newest member of the Canine Unit is this little Chihuahua mix, Kyle. After spending a hard four years on the streets, he came to us and is proving to be a very friendly and affectionate addition. While he is a little resistant to comply to simple commands like “sit” and “stay”, we know he will catch on to civilized life as time goes by.

Ex-Officio Canine Unit

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Jenny, the black Lab, takes everything seriously. She works as hard as she plays. At Gunn Law Group, she’s all business, even if she’s not above sneaking little morsels that other members of the canine crew leave behind. When she’s not taking the world so seriously, you’ll likely find her supporting her favourite sports team, the Edmonton Oilers, or tormenting her feline siblings at home.

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Kenzo, the Shiba Inu who always likes to run away, is only an occasional visitor to the office these days. Even though he ate one of the lawyer’s passports and another one’s favourite fishing hat, we still allow him to come back – just not too often!

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The mighty Hercules was surprisingly quiet and gentle for a Chihuahua. His superpower was the ability to charm anyone. Of all the members of the canine unit, Hercules was the only one who somehow made it into Kenzo’s good graces. The sweet little guy passed away in 2021 and is still missed.

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A spunky little Yorkie-Poodle cross who barks too much, bites and finally got evicted from the Canine Unit.

Legal Team Edmonton


The first great dog to grace Gunn Law Group with his presence. The Belgian Shepherd was a quiet, gentle soul who is still thought of often and missed.

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