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What is Collaborative Family Law?

With a Collaborative Divorce, you, your spouse, and your lawyers promise in writing to:

  • voluntarily disclose all financial and other relevant information
  • proceed respectfully and in good faith as you negotiate toward a settlement
  • refrain from using, or threatening to use, the court litigation process

At Gunn Law Group, we believe that there is a better way of resolving family law disputes than the old-style fighting in court. That is why all of the lawyers who practice family law at Gunn Law Group are also registered Collaborative Family Lawyers. To receive that designation, lawyers need to take a number of courses which offer special training to develop the skills in mediation and negotiation that are required to do Collaborative Family Law.

Collaborative law offers you and your family the best chance of coming out of the divorce with what you want and need while, at the same time, ensuring all parties are treated with the respect and dignity we all deserve. Collaborative Divorce allows you and your spouse the opportunity to fully discuss all issues while offering a quicker alternative to the court system. If you have children, they invariably get hurt when the dispute between their parents becomes increasingly hostile with one court application following another. While there are times one wants to lash back at a spouse who is hurting us, the lawyers at Gunn Law Group help keep the matter in focus. Just like you, we want to make sure your kids come first. A child-centered approach helps everyone – not just the kids; because when your children are hurting, so are you.

Whether you have children or simply wish to proceed at a quicker pace and do so within a respectful and cooperative manner, Gunn Law Group, will help guide you and your family through this difficult period and get you to a better future. Contact Us to learn more about your Collaborative Divorce options.

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