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When there is a relationship break down with your child’s other parent or your spouse, whether you are married or cohabiting, you may not know how to even start the process for getting your life back. Complicating the matter is the fact that different laws may apply depending on whether you were married or not.

The experienced collaborative divorce lawyers at Edmonton’s Gunn Law Group will help and can expertly guide you through the process to achieve finality in your family law matters. You need a divorce lawyer in your corner who can give advice on all those matters that go along with the collapse of a family relationship, including:

We can advise you regarding collaborative family law, mediation, court proceedings, and document preparation – everything you need to protect your rights and interests, and to make the entire process as simple as can be. You can trust our lawyers to help you navigate all the complex issues that are specific to a family law case.

While our collaborative divorce lawyers are very comfortable in court, we believe that family law disputes are best settled outside the courtroom. Going to court often becomes more costly and takes longer than if we can come up with a negotiated settlement between the parties. If the matter unfortunately needs to go to litigation, we have divorce lawyers who selectively will accept litigation matters. We encourage you to set up a consultation with one of our family lawyers to see if we might be a good fit for your situation.

We know you have been going through difficult times; you wouldn’t be reading this if you hadn’t. Edmonton’s Gunn Law Group will help you to see the brighter future that is just waiting for you.

Contact Us and let our divorce lawyers in Edmonton help you navigate all legal aspects of your divorce or separation.

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