Prior to April 2018, if a person were charged with an impaired driving-related offence, that person was given an indefinite license suspension; that means it remained in place until the charges were resolved in court. After the provincial changes came into effect in April, 2018, a person charged with an impaired driving-related offence is given a three month suspension, followed by a one year suspension. The 15 month suspension is divided into two parts because after the first 3 months, the person charged can apply for admission into the Ignition Interlock program in order to drive for the other 12 months. Unlike the prior AALS, this new one does not come to an end when the person’s charges are resolved in court. So, even if you are acquitted, if you did not appeal the AALS, you will still need to complete the balance of the 15 month suspension. It becomes more important than ever, therefore, to appeal the AALS during the 30 day appeal period.