If you are contemplating going to court to resolve your issues with employment, an estate, a contract, a civil dispute or a family law matter, you may wish to think again. Mediation is almost always less expensive and faster than litigation. You and the other party in the dispute sit down with a neutral mediator to find a way to resolve the issues. Rather than leaving the decision with a judge, who may have only a few minutes to hear what you have to say. In mediation the parties are in control of the process.

Shannon and Rebecca are seasoned litigators who also understand that sometimes your best option is keeping the matter out of court. Having seen the benefits of mediation first-hand, they are firm believers that, with the right guidance, most disputes can be solved efficiently and respectfully through mediation.

If you and the other party just need some help working out some of the details of your separation or divorce, contract or other issue, mediation could be one of your best options. The mediator facilitates the discussion so that you and the other party can come up with the solutions. As an independent, neutral third-party, the mediator does not give his or her own opinions but helps you work constructively towards solutions that are right for your situation.

Have you been able to resolve all of your matters except for just one or two? “Unbundling” is a new way of delivering legal services to clients. Lawyers offering unbundled services (also known as limited scope retainers) are retained to help clients resolve one or two issues only. Mediation can be an effective way of resolving those last questions that you cannot seem to get through on your own. Speak with one of our mediation lawyers today to see if mediation would be a good choice for you.

Please be advised that if you are interested in mediation, you should signal your intention immediately when you contact the office. Our lawyers will not take a file for mediation where we have spoken to one of the parties before-hand. You and the other party are welcome to come in together to meet a lawyer to see if they would be a good fit for your case. Please let the case manager know that you wish to retain their services for mediation and the case manager will ensure that all the proper steps are taken to ensure the process gets off to a good start. We look forward to helping you mediate your next dispute.

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