COVID19 has resulted in a shutdown of the courts with the exception of “essential functions”. Family law cases such as divorces and separations, support and maintenance, and parenting time and decision making are now adjourned for months. But here at Gunn Law Group, we may be able to resolve your issues even before your next date arises.

Our family lawyers are trained mediators who believe in the power of alternative dispute resolution. We get more done out of court (faster and less expensively) than you could do in court.

Through Collaborative Family Law and mediation, we help you come up with solutions outside of court in a respectful, timely way. You do NOT need to solve your issues in court. In fact, the quickest and least expensive way to resolve them, without question, is with the assistance of family lawyers trained in negotiation and mediation.

If your issues can’t wait until the courts re-open, try solving them using a different approach. With our technology, you can appear remotely over the phone or by videoconference. While we write on our smartboard here at the office, the notes can go into your computer at home in real time. You can edit what we are writing remotely so that we can come up with creative solutions for you in a personal, collaborative way, without you needing to ever leave home.

While litigation cases in court have stalled indefinitely, our four-way Collaborative Family Law meetings are still continuing both in person (only as long as all participants feel comfortable) as well as with parties participating remotely. We ensure cleanliness is a priority so that everyone is safe.

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