On July 26, 2023 reports started flooding in about the results from the world’s largest trial of a four-day workweek. There were 61 UK-based companies that participated and at the end of it, 56 out of the 61 are continuing with it. Only two companies said they definitely were not going to do so while three others were expected to continue but did not confirm it.[1]

When Shannon Gunn Emery heard about it on the radio, she was instantly interested. In order to offer top notch services to the public, Gunn Law Group needs good people. This means we need to be able to attract hard working, creative lawyers who are interested in criminal law, family law, and administrative law. Once we have hired them, however, we also need to make sure we can keep them.

Having a healthy workplace environment is important to ensuring that our lawyers and staff are able to devote 100% to our clients when they are working. This is a stressful area. We can’t help but care about the clients who are about to lose their jobs, their children, their livelihood, or their good reputation. While other areas of law normally involve questions of money, the issues in play in Gunn Law Group’s cases go to the heart of a person’s being. It is an incredibly stressful time for our clients, and it can be very stressful for our lawyers and staff as well.

While Shannon was excited about the idea of a four-day work week, she decided to start out more modestly. As of July 28th, 2023, Gunn Law Group will be closing every Friday at noon. We are trying this out as a pilot project. If, over the next four months, the numbers and results that we get appear to align with the results of the study, we will be making it permanent.

Happy, healthy lawyers and staff should mean better outcomes for our clients as well. The 4.5 work-day week is part of our commitment to our clients to ensure they are getting the best possible services we can provide. We look forward to sharing the results with in December.

[1] https://www.computerworld.com/article/3688948/as-four-day-workweek-trial-ends-most-companies-stick-with-the-change.html

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