The penalties will vary depending on when you were charged. If you were charged before December 18, 2018, s. 11(i) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms applies in your case. That section of the Charter guarantees that if the sentencing regime changes after you were charged with an offence, you should be able to get the benefit of the least onerous sentencing regime. If you were charged after December 18, 2018 and you provided samples of breath, the minimum fine for readings between 80 and 119 mg% will remain $1000.00. For readings between 120 and 159 mg% the minimum fine will be $1500.00. A blood alcohol level of 160 mg% or more, or any kind of refusal, will result in a minimum $2000.00 fine. There will also be a minimum one year driving prohibition upon conviction, but, post-December 18, 2018, the Court may or may not impose a mandatory waiting period before allowing access to the Ignition Interlock program.